"Mystical Lake"


Flower Photography is my main passion, but when I am out I also love to Photograph what's around me.

Anything from wildflowers to land and seascapes and also nature.

There are so many things to see if you take the time to really look.

Textures of rock and bark, crunchy leaves underfoot.

Sounds of wildlife and the delicious woody fragrance of lush forests.

Below is a small selection of Nature images.




"North Head"


"Rush 2"

"Mystical Lake"

"Golden Showers"

"Autumns Colours"

"Whispers In The Wind"

"Light Of Day"


"Blue Spirit"


"Caressing Me Softly"



"The Passage"


"The Light"

"Purple Splendour"

"Forest Leaves"

"Rock Abstract"