"Timeless & Ethereal

Leading you into another world

Where fantasy

Blends into reality"


Photographer Writer Conservationist Dreamer Artist

Fine Art Flower & Landscape Photographer


Karen Pezzimenti is a well known and admired Fine Art Floral and Landscape Photographer based in Sydney Australia.

Her creativity produces exceptional images with an enticing balance of detail and softness,

Together with her excellent use of colour and composition,

Which defines her inspirational imagery as a Fine Artist.


As an Artist I see beauty all around me.
As a Photographer I seek to portray the true nature or mood of my subjects.
Or perhaps to tell a story whether it is in the form of a Landscape or a Flower.
As a Conservationist I am mindful of our natural environment.
It is my goal that through my Photography,

I can help to re - connect people back to nature.

To help them to realise that our natural environment is precious,

And needs to be cherished.

A great deal of my Photography and writing is based on fantasy.

In this day where there is so much violence, ugliness and horror in the world,

I have chosen to impart this particular vision of fantasy into a lot of my work.

It is a world apart, one in which you can escape to, if only just for a little while.

Fluttering petals weaving colourful dreams

Visions of Landscapes flaunting mist - shrouded trees

A tiny spark a shimmer of light

Reflections frozen in moments of time.

"Forbidden" Trees and Mist in the forest Blue Mountains NSW


This website features Landscapes, Nature and Abstract work,
As well as Images and Impressions of Flowers,
Which never cease to delight and entice me,
With their inspiring, visual presence.
This website and my galleries will be updated
On a regular basis featuring new work.

If you have any questions regarding my work,

Please don't hesitate to contact me.


fine art abstract flower photograph of red alstroemeria petals

Sunset at Sugarloaf Point NSW

Fine art landscape photograph of a country road surrounded by lush gardens at mount wilson blue mountains australia

nature photograph of autumn leaves at mount wilson blue mountains