Blue Mountains Blue


Perrys Lookdown near Blackheath Blue Mountains NSW Australia

Blue Mountains NSW


I really had to kick myself - yet again, as I saw this magnificent shade of blue in the Mountains.

It occurs at certain times of the day, in certain light conditions and makes such a beautiful contrast

Against the Australian Bush. But the scenery isn't all there is to the Blue Mountains.


Perhaps It's the wonderful food,

The warm cozy fireplaces in Winter,

Or the Whispers of tales of ghosts and witches.

Maybe it's the diverse range of people who choose to live here.

Some move here to find peace and fresh air,

While some seek to find themselves.


And so!

Let us pull back,

"The Lush green curtains and the multi coloured veils of Sunrise and Sunset".

Then you can see,

"Through the unearthly mist

that winds it's silvery tendrils

through and around that magnificent blue

which lies at the heart of the mountains ."


" It is ancient, it is spirit

as it ebbs and flows

through the mountains and the valleys.

You can hear it whisper

and rustle through the leaves of the tree's

Softly sighing through the water

that rushes down the cliffs.

It reaches inside of you

and touches your soul,

As you bow down to the majesty

And grace of that which is the Blue Mountains".



3 thoughts on Blue Mountains Blue

    • Thank You Lignum, yes, many different lifestyes, which is why apart from the beauty of the mountains it’s the people too, who make the area such an interesting and vibrant place.